B Quarter GoPro Tour – 2016.06.17


QQ Video:


After reading the Donnie Does’ interview article in HERE Dongguan January 2016 issue, we finally had the chance to meet Donnie in person at TreeHouse
在Here DG 杂志2016年一月刊中采访了 Donnie Does,怀着各种期待我们在 TreeHouse 的派对中见到了他


The crab & BBQ chicken rangoons were so good, our team had a few dishes


Great laugh with David over a few mugs of beer
和 David 畅饮啤酒时有说有笑

We were drunk too earlier and did not have chance to get more footages. Will try to more shots before drinking in our next gig


Matt from Murrays was at the party too (sorry, did not have the footage). David, Matt, and Billy were discussing how to do this “Triangle Parties” where TreeHouse, Murrays, and B Quarter organize jointed gigs together at all three spots
Murray 的老板 Matt 也在派对中(但很抱歉没有拍到他)。David, Matt, and Billy 在一起计划怎样在 TreeHouse, Murrays, and B Quarter 三点连接性的举办 “Triangle Parties” 希望大家到时多多捧场喔

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