B Quarter 每周精选照片 – 第17周 / B Quarter Weekly Photos – Week 17

上个礼拜有HA的生日派对,他们就把 B Quarter 变成了自己家一样,放着喜欢的音乐,玩着有趣的游戏。

HA had her birthday party last week, she and her friends turned B Quarter to their private home base where they played their own music and games.
Block party was fun too on Saturday, our pretty girl fans took many nice photos.
We could only pick a few from many to post as the weekly photos.
Let’s take a look.

照片来自 HA / Photo by HA

照片来自 QB / Photo by QB

照片来自肥虾 / Photo by 肥虾

照片来自航仔 / Photo by 航仔

照片来自转儿 / Photo by 转儿

照片来自大奶 / Photo by 大奶

照片来自粉红 / Photo by 粉红

照片来自雯雯 / Photo by 雯雯

照片来自娜娜 / Photo by 娜娜

照片来自 Bowie / Photo by Bowie