03.07-08 为女士安排的特别两天 / 03.07-08 Special Days For Girls

国际妇女日是这个礼拜的星期四,我们的B Quarter女士之夜是每周星期三。
考虑到这一点,我们决定举办一场为期两天的活动,在这两天的时间里,女孩们可以在 B Quarter 得到特别的免费饮料。

International Women’s Day is on Thursday this year and our B Quarter Ladies Night is on Wednesday every week.
With that considered, we decided to run a two-day event where girls can get special free drinks before 0:00 on these two days.

Hugo会给你做一些特别的饮品 / Hugo will make you something specials

Billy会放不同种类的音乐 / Billy will play various types of music


It’s time to have some fun moment in this town.
Drinks, dance, and meet some new faces.

B Quarter 每周精选照片 – 第9周 / B Quarter Weekly Photos – Week 9


Believe everything is back to normal now in this city.
After missing weekly photos for 2 weeks, this is back.
The Back To DG party must be the highlight, and next Saturday will be even crazier with the Disco Party.
Take a look at the 10 we picked for this week.

照片来自 JamJan / Photo by JamJan

照片来自 Katja K. / Photo by Katja K.

照片来自 Horace / Photo by Horace

照片来自 Patrick / Photo by Patrick

照片来自坤坤 / Photo by 坤坤

照片来自 JC / Photo by JC

照片来自 Eric / Photo by Eric

照片来自 Eva / Photo by Eva

照片来自 Sherry / Photo by Sherry

照片来自陈思凯 / Photo by 陈思凯

03.10 迪斯科派对 – 回到八十年代 / 03.10 Disco Party – Back To The 80’s

1. 嘉宾 DJ / Guest DJs

扁桃体 BT40TI769 回来了.
GABA, tzuElijah 和 JJisCool 將会回到 B Quarter,以提供完整的80年代舞曲。

扁桃体 BT40TI769 IS BACK.
GABA, tzuElijah and JJisCool will be back to B Quarter to deliver a full 80’s set.
Their party has been crazy everytime, and we truly believe that this one will be even crazier.

2. 着装要求 / Dress Code


To make this theme more fun, we need everyone to join the party with the 80’s outfits.
Not sure what to wear, Google or Baidu it asap.
Taobao should be a great resource to get the best piece you like.

We will be also choosing the best 80’s outfit award and the winner will receive a free bottle of vodka, gin, rum or tequila (consume at B Quarter only).

3. 派对特饮 / Special Party Drink


Special party drink will be prepared for everyone who joins the gig.
This is an one time offer though, we will not prepare the same special in the future.
Right, that’s how we run our special party.

日期/时间: 2018.03.10 (星期六) 22:00 开始
地点: B Quarter
地址: 东莞市东城区愉景步行街72号 (山东老家旁)
入场费: ¥60 的预售门票包含1杯特饮 (预售票,3月10日下午6点停止售票), ¥80现场票
– 联系日或 Hugo 购票,票量有限
– 迪斯科派对 – 回到80年代的主题
– GABA, tzuElijah, JJisCool 播放—整晚80年代的音乐
– 只有80年代的服装
– 最佳的服装大奖者将得到一瓶洋酒 (只限在店内享用)
– 特殊派对的饮品
– 没有80年代衣服的人是不允许参加派对

Date/Time: 2018.03.10 (Saturday) starting @ 22:00
Venue: B Quarter
Address: No. 72, Yujing Walking Street, Dongcheng (next to Shandong Lao Jia)
Entry Fee: RMB 60 with one special drink (advance ticket, no more ticket sales after 18:00 on Mar 10), RMB 80 door tickets
– contact 日 or Hugo to get tickets, limited tickets available
Party Elements:
– Disco Party – Back To The 80’s theme
– All night 80’s music by GABA, tzuElijah, JJisCool
– Only 80’s outfits
– Best 80’s outfit winner will receive a free bottle of liquor (consume at B Quarter only)
– One time only special party drink
– People without 80’s outfits will not be allow to join the party

03.03 回到东莞大众狂欢派对 / 03.03 Back To DG Party

想借这个机会和我们的邻居 Muzika 做一个大派对。
当晚 B Quarter 会放 house 音乐而 Muzika 会放拉丁音乐。
Muzika 在上个礼拜已经做了第一个回到东莞派对,这个礼拜我们两家一起做第二轮。

We believe most of the people should have been back to Dongguan for school or work.
Would like to take this opportunity to do a big party partnering with our good neighbor, Muzika.
With the special music themes on the night where house music will be played at B Quarter and latin music will be played at Muzika.
Muzika did the first Back to DG party last week, and we are joining them this week and we call it “Part 2”.
It’s always a lot more fun to hop between bars, especially when they have different themes.

B Quarter – House Music / House 音乐

Muzika – Latin Music / 拉丁音乐

有奖游戏 / Games with Prizes


Who would not like bar games?
Games will be available and it’s the great chance to meet some new friends.
Prizes will be given to the winners too.

派对特饮 / Drink Specials
Special party drinks will be available at both B Quarter and Muzika.
Make sure you try them !

日期/时间: 2018.03.03 (星期六) 22:00 开始
地点: B Quarter & Muzika
地址: 东莞市东城区愉景步行街68 & 72号 (山东老家旁)
入场费: 免费入场
– B Quarter 会放 house 音乐而 Muzika 会放拉丁音乐
– 有奖游戏
– 派对特饮

Date/Time: 2018.03.03 (Saturday) starting @22:00
Venue: B Quarter & Muzika
Address: No. 68 & 72, Yujing Walking Street, Dongcheng (next to Shandong Lao Jia)
Entry Fee: No entry fee
Party Elements:
– Music Theme: House music at B Quarter, latin music at Muzika
– Games with prizes
– Special party drinks

02.24 双鱼座,你们的生日派对来了!/ 02.24 Pisces, Your Birthday Is Coming!


Happy Chinese New Year, we are coming back on Feb 23rd.
And our first party in the year of the dog is Pisces’ birthday party.
We will be doing our monthly birthday this Saturday, Feb 24th.
Take the chance to celebrate your birthdays with your friends at a cool venue.


Free drinks and cake for the Pisces boys and girls.
Please register with us in advance to celebrate your birthday.

日期/时间: 2018.02.24 (星期六) 22:00 开始
地点: B Quarter
地址: 东莞市东城区愉景步行街72号 (山东老家旁)
入场费: 免费入场
– 生日蛋糕
– 整晚免费畅饮
双鱼座男女登记预约: 请联系以下 B Quarter 成员进行登记,名额有限需要工作人员确认才行

Date/Time: 2018.02.24 (Saturday) starting @22:00
Venue: B Quarter
Address: No. 72, Yujing Walking Street, Dongcheng (next to Shandong Lao Jia)
Entry Fee: No entry fee
Elements For Birthday Boys & Girls:
– Birthday cake
– Free drinks all night
Birthday Boy/Girl Registration: Please contact below B Quarter’s colleagues to book your spot. Limited seats, you must receive our confirmation to participate

B Quarter 大家庭给你们拜年了 / Messages From The B Quarter Family

同时我们让好朋友在不同的地方为我们录制视频,他们都是 B Quarter 大家庭的一部分。

Happy Chinese New Year.
We wish everyone will have a great year ahead in the Year Of The Dog.
Asked some of our good friends to send us the video clips and they all are part of the B Quarter family.
Let’s take a look at what they have to say.


QQ Video:

狗年会是更好的一年 / Year Of The Dog Will Be A Good Year


B Quarter 会从2月12号到22号放假,23号恢复营业。

We will be entering the year of the dog in a few days.
We would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone of you happy new year.
It will be a good year for us all, we all will make that happen.

B Quarter will take our Chinese New Year break from Feb 12 to Feb 22.
Will be back to party with you all on Feb 23.
Stay tuned for our next event, especially people in our B Quarter’s Chinese and English groups.

B Quarter 每周精选照片 – 第6周 / B Quarter Weekly Photos – Week 6

礼拜六举办了 PartyHERE! 的聚餐,所有的人也吃的很多。

We can really feel that people started to leave Dongguan this week.
There are much less people and cars running around the city.
Had the PartyHERE! Potluck event on Saturday and we all had too much food.
Spent the whole Sunday to clean up and get ready for the year of the dog.
Check out the highlights of the week.

照片来自 Eva / Photo by Eva

照片来自朱 / Photo by 朱

照片来自 Winnie / Photo by Winnie

照片来自 Joan / Photo by Joan

照片来自 Jenny / Photo by Jenny

照片来自 Cathy / Photo by Cathy

照片来自 Zen / Photo by Zen

照片来自 Charlie / Photo by Charlie

照片来自 Soso / Photo by Soso

照片来自 Yan / Photo by Yan

B Quarter 每周精选照片 – 第5周 / B Quarter Weekly Photos – Week 5


We didn’t have any special parties last week, but we were still discussing how those crazy theme parties went earlier in the month.
Already started the planning of the next big theme party and more info will come.
After the Only White Party, this will be another fun one to attend.
Let’s first take a look the photos from last week.

照片来自丁丁 / Photo by 丁丁

照片来自 Hugo / Photo by Hugo

照片来自 Bonnie / Photo by Bonnie

照片来自 Gloria / Photo by Gloria

照片来自啊祖 / Photo by 啊祖

照片来自无名氏 / Photo by 无名氏

照片来自坤坤 / Photo by 坤坤

照片来自比基尼 / Photo by 比基尼

照片来自 Yan / Photo by Yan

照片来自 ANNA / Photo by ANNA

[视频] 每天一秒钟 – 2018一月 / [VIDEO] 1 Second Everyday – 2018 January

1. 我们举办了一些疯狂的主题派对,一直疯狂到凌晨5点,几乎醉倒一片
2. 我们发现了更多有才能的人,DJ或歌手
3. 非常冷的一个月

What were the three highlights in January?
1. We had some crazy theme parties which ran until 5 in the morning
2. We found more talented people who can DJ and sing
3. It’s a very COLD month
Let’s take a look at the footages from January 2018!


QQ Video: