B Quarter 每周精选照片 – 第16周 / B Quarter Weekly Photos – Week 16

也开始为嘉宾们提供气泡酒 (我们总是招待好嘉宾)。

The Black Room Smoke Party must be the highlight of the week.
We once again used the back door and it’s a better idea.
Also started to give sparkling wine for the guests (we always treat our guests right).
Customers actually like sparkling wine too, we will introduce more at our gigs.
Let’s check out the photos of the week.

照片来自大奶 / Photo by 大奶

照片来自酒鬼 / Photo by 酒鬼

照片来自雯雯 / Photo by 雯雯

照片来自丁丁 / Photo by 丁丁

照片来自啊日 / Photo by 啊日

照片来自 Jay / Photo by Jay

照片来自独角兽 / Photo by 独角兽

照片来自啊峰 / Photo by 啊峰

照片来自娜娜 / Photo by 娜娜

照片来自啊青 / Photo by 啊青