B Quarter 每周精选照片 – 第19周 / B Quarter Weekly Photos – Week 19

B Quarter 肯定会支持这个群体,并尝试与他们一起做更多的事情。
下次我们将试着让 B Quarter 粉丝参与进来。

We enjoyed very much the vape party on Saturday.
Met some new friends and they all are very nice people.
B Quarter will sure support this community and try to do more events with this crowd.
Green Foot came on Sunday and it was a very interesting topic.
We will try to involve the B Quarter fans the next time.
Let’s take a look at the photos from last week.

照片来自沙艳妮 / Photo by 沙艳妮

照片来自刘锦 / Photo by 刘锦

照片来自爆鱼 / Photo by 爆鱼

照片来自 Gaba / Photo by Gaba

照片来自董小姐 / Photo by 董小姐

照片来自 Lester / Photo by Lester

照片来自袁同学 / Photo by 袁同学

照片来自 Hugo / Photo by Hugo

照片来自 Ken / Photo by Ken

照片来自 Steven / Photo by Steven

B Quarter 每周精选照片 – 第18周 / B Quarter Weekly Photos – Week 18


The past week was an interesting week.
We opened on Monday for the special JJisCool party.
Had a private event on Wednesday, went out to the BIG+ Equation Creative Village Opening Party on Saturday.
Let’s take a look at the pictures from all those 3 events.

照片来自丁丁 / Photo by 丁丁

照片来自 Yan / Photo by Yan

照片来自 Hugo / Photo by Hugo

照片来自楚仪 / Photo by 楚仪

照片来自 Judy / Photo by Judy

照片来自心蕊 / Photo by 心蕊

照片来自冰姐 / Photo by 冰姐

照片来自董小姐 / Photo by 董小姐

照片来自 Lester / Photo by Lester

照片来自 Winnie / Photo by Winnie

[视频] 每天一秒钟 – 2018四月 / [VIDEO] 1 Second Everyday – 2018 April

上个月除了举办我们的主题派对,我们还有一些新项目在B Quarter进行。

Besides running our theme parties, we did have a few more new items going on at B Quarter.
The band started to come to practice, and the private birthday parties were also great.
We are thinking more new elements in May, so you better stay tuned.
Let’s take a look at the footages from April.


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