B Quarter 每周精选照片 – 第21周 / B Quarter Weekly Photos – Week 21


We’re very sorry that we needed to postpone the Black Room Lab Coat party because of the delay of the lab coat shipment.
We will follow up on that and reschedule this theme.
The karaoke’s night was absolutely fun, we found out now many people in our group can sing.
This can be another regular theme from now on.
Let’s take a look at the pictures from last week.

照片来自丁丁 / Photo by 丁丁

照片来自大喇叭 / Photo by 大喇叭

照片来自 Hugo / Photo by Hugo

照片来自俊 / Photo by 俊

照片来自关老师 / Photo by 关老师

照片来自 Jo / Photo by Jo

照片来自啊日 / Photo by 啊日

照片来自啊布 / Photo by 啊布

照片来自坤坤 / Photo by 坤坤

照片来自雯雯 / Photo by 雯雯

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