B Quarter 每周精选照片 – 第6周 / B Quarter Weekly Photos – Week 6

礼拜六举办了 PartyHERE! 的聚餐,所有的人也吃的很多。

We can really feel that people started to leave Dongguan this week.
There are much less people and cars running around the city.
Had the PartyHERE! Potluck event on Saturday and we all had too much food.
Spent the whole Sunday to clean up and get ready for the year of the dog.
Check out the highlights of the week.

照片来自 Eva / Photo by Eva

照片来自朱 / Photo by 朱

照片来自 Winnie / Photo by Winnie

照片来自 Joan / Photo by Joan

照片来自 Jenny / Photo by Jenny

照片来自 Cathy / Photo by Cathy

照片来自 Zen / Photo by Zen

照片来自 Charlie / Photo by Charlie

照片来自 Soso / Photo by Soso

照片来自 Yan / Photo by Yan

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