B Quarter 每周精选照片 – 第24周 / B Quarter Weekly Photos – Week 24


We had another private party last Monday and it’s great that we met many new faces.
2018 World Cup started last week, and we have shown the games for a few nights.
Our team is now thinking how to balance the World Cup games and our parties.
Already started planning a couple of parties in June and more info will come soon.
Let’s check out the photos from last week.

照片来自 W / Photo by W

照片来自 YY / Photo by YY

照片来自 ZSY / Photo by ZSY

照片来自 DD / Photo by DD

照片来自 F4 / Photo by F4

照片来自袁同学 / Photo by 袁同学

照片来自 Isaac / Photo by Isaac

照片来自 Jo / Photo by Jo

照片来自 Lulu / Photo by Lulu

照片来自坤坤 / Photo by 坤坤

B Quarter 每周精选照片 – 第23周 / B Quarter Weekly Photos – Week 23


Once again, we have more girls coming than the boys, where are you guys, man?
With the World Cup, we will probably run less parties this month than before.
However, we still try to find the best time to organize something fun for you all.
Let’s check out the photos from last week.

照片来自大奶 / Photo by 大奶

照片来自 Angelina / Photo by Angelina

照片来自坤坤 / Photo by 坤坤

照片来自 Isaac / Photo by Isaac

照片来自贤 / Photo by 贤

照片来自 Hugo / Photo by Hugo

照片来自丁丁 / Photo by 丁丁

照片来自 Winnie / Photo by Winnie

照片来自红 / Photo by 红

照片来自 Nana / Photo by Nana

B Quarter 每周精选照片 – 第22周 / B Quarter Weekly Photos – Week 22


With the karaoke night and a couple of nights last week, we found out that we have many friends who are actually very into music.
We sure will do more varieties of event and let our friends to show their talents.
Let’s check out the photos from last week.

照片来自粉红 / Photo by 粉红

照片来自啊日 / Photo by 啊日

照片来自坤坤 / Photo by 坤坤

照片来自青 / Photo by 青

照片来自 Nana / Photo by Nana

照片来自大奶 / Photo by 大奶

照片来自雯雯 / Photo by 雯雯

照片来自 Kat / Photo by Kat

照片来自陈思凯 / Photo by 陈思凯

照片来自 Eric / Photo by Eric

[视频] 每天一秒钟 – 2018五月 / [VIDEO] 1 Second Everyday – 2018 May


We had few more private parties in May and they all could come with great party themes.
Started the karaoke night and people like that much.
Guess we will continue to run that with special guests.
We had the offsite event at B+ Equation Creative Valley in May, and we will be going to Hard Rock Hotel for the PartyHERE! pool party this month.
Let’s check out the footages from May!


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