B Quarter 每周精选照片 – 第2周 / B Quarter Weekly Photos -Week 2

Hugo 实际上在 B Quarter 睡了几个小时,并在周日开始了他的工作。

It’s a very cold week and it did make people to stay home more.
We still had an ok week, had some new pretty friends who came to our ladies night.
Also had a long night at our Happy Endings gig, the last set of customer left at 6:00 in the morning.
Hugo actually slept a few hours at B Quarter and started his Sunday.
Let’s take a look the photos from last week.

照片来自 Yan / Photo by Yan

照片来自一丁丁 / Photo by 一丁丁

照片来自 Ricky / Photo by Ricky

照片来自 Zoe / Photo by Zoe

照片来自小可爱 / Photo by 小可爱

照片来自丽莹 / Photo by 丽莹

照片来自啊庭 / Photo by 啊庭

照片来自 Isaac / Photo by Isaac

照片来自一丁丁 / Photo by 一丁丁

照片来自 Jo / Photo by Jo

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