05.18 双子座,你们的生日派对来了!/ 05.18 Gemini, Your Birthday Is Coming!


Some of the Gemini friends have been asking us when their party will be arranged.
Here is the answer, this weekend.
We will be doing Gemini birthday party this Friday, May 18th.
Take the chance to celebrate your birthdays with your friends at a cool venue.

Free drinks and cake for the Gemini boys and girls.
Please register with us in advance to celebrate your birthday.

日期/时间: 2018.05.18 (星期五) 22:00 开始
地点: B Quarter
地址: 东莞市东城区愉景步行街72号 (山东老家旁)
入场费: 免费入场
– 生日蛋糕
– 整晚免费畅饮
双子座男女登记预约: 请联系以下 B Quarter 成员进行登记,名额有限需要工作人员确认才行

Date/Time: 2018.05.18 (Friday) starting @ 22:00
Venue: B Quarter
Address: No. 72, Yujing Walking Street, Dongcheng (next to Shandong Lao Jia)
Entry Fee: No entry fee
Elements For Birthday Boys & Girls:
– Birthday cake
– Free drinks all night
Birthday Boy/Girl Registration: Please contact below B Quarter’s colleagues to book your spot. Limited seats, you must receive our confirmation to participate

B Quarter 每周精选照片 – 第19周 / B Quarter Weekly Photos – Week 19

B Quarter 肯定会支持这个群体,并尝试与他们一起做更多的事情。
下次我们将试着让 B Quarter 粉丝参与进来。

We enjoyed very much the vape party on Saturday.
Met some new friends and they all are very nice people.
B Quarter will sure support this community and try to do more events with this crowd.
Green Foot came on Sunday and it was a very interesting topic.
We will try to involve the B Quarter fans the next time.
Let’s take a look at the photos from last week.

照片来自沙艳妮 / Photo by 沙艳妮

照片来自刘锦 / Photo by 刘锦

照片来自爆鱼 / Photo by 爆鱼

照片来自 Gaba / Photo by Gaba

照片来自董小姐 / Photo by 董小姐

照片来自 Lester / Photo by Lester

照片来自袁同学 / Photo by 袁同学

照片来自 Hugo / Photo by Hugo

照片来自 Ken / Photo by Ken

照片来自 Steven / Photo by Steven

05.12 东莞第一个电子烟派对 / 05.12 First Vape Party In DG

B Quarter 总是喜欢和来自不同文化的人一起合作,并努力让更多的人了解他们的文化。
我们非常高兴能得到洛克蒸汽电子烟的支持,我们将于5月12日在 B Quarter 组织一个电子烟派对。

Vape has become a major trend around the world including China.
B Quarter always loves to work with groups from different cultures and try to get more people to understand their beliefs behind.
We are very excited to have the support from Lock Vape and we both will organize a vape party on May 12 at B Quarter.

1. 限于电子烟用户 / Limited to Vape Users

We want to make this event very exclusive to the vape fans only.
Besides getting the ticket to the event, everyone needs to bring at least a vape plus a vape oil to enter the party.
If you don’t have those yet, we are sure that you can easily get something quick from the nearby shop or your friends.

2. 产品展示 / Product Showcase

Lock Vape will be displaying numbers of latest vapes, oils, and other accessories.
You will be able to see products from different brands and you may find your favorite brand or product at the party.

3. 经验分享 / Experience Sharing Session
– 电子烟行业的最新趋势
– 一些我们应该注意的电子烟事项
– 介绍如何吹电子烟圈

Our friends from Lock Vape will take the opportunity to share with us,
– the latest trends in the vape industry
– some important elements we should notice with vapes

4. 有奖游戏 / Games with Prizes
– 由洛克蒸汽电子烟赞助的一种特殊的烟油
– 12瓶 B Quarter 赞助的索尔啤酒

We will be running the “who has the longest vape cloud” contest.
The winner of the game will receive,
– a special vape oil sponsored by Lock Vape
– 12 bottles of Sol beer sponsored by B Quarter

5. 会面电子烟伙伴 / Meet Vape Buddies

Try different vape oils from the new friends you will meet at the party.
You may find some new favors you like.
You now should know why we need everyone to bring at least a bottle of oil with you to join the party.

6. 不错的音乐 / Nice Music
这是 B Quarter,音乐是必不可少的元素。

It’s B Quarter, music is sure one essential element.
We will be playing some great tunes throughout the party.

日期/时间: 2018.05.12 (星期六) 21:00 开始
地点: B Quarter
地址: 东莞市东城区愉景步行街72号 (山东老家旁)
入场费: ¥60 的预售门票包含1杯特饮 (预售票,5月12日下午6点停止售票), ¥80现场票
– 联系 Hugo 购票,票量有限
– 产品展示
– 经验分享
– 有奖游戏
– 会面电子烟伙伴
– 不错的音乐

Date/Time: 2018.05.12 (Saturday) starting @21:00
Venue: B Quarter
Address: No. 72, Yujing Walking Street, Dongcheng (next to Shandong Lao Jia)
Entry Fee: RMB 60 with one special drink (advance ticket, no more ticket sales after 18:00 on May 12), RMB 80 door tickets
– contact Hugo to get tickets, limited tickets available
Party Elements:
– Product showcase
– Experience sharing session
– “Who has the longest vape cloud” contest with prizes
– Meet vape buddies
– Nice tunes throughout the night

B Quarter 每周精选照片 – 第18周 / B Quarter Weekly Photos – Week 18


The past week was an interesting week.
We opened on Monday for the special JJisCool party.
Had a private event on Wednesday, went out to the BIG+ Equation Creative Village Opening Party on Saturday.
Let’s take a look at the pictures from all those 3 events.

照片来自丁丁 / Photo by 丁丁

照片来自 Yan / Photo by Yan

照片来自 Hugo / Photo by Hugo

照片来自楚仪 / Photo by 楚仪

照片来自 Judy / Photo by Judy

照片来自心蕊 / Photo by 心蕊

照片来自冰姐 / Photo by 冰姐

照片来自董小姐 / Photo by 董小姐

照片来自 Lester / Photo by Lester

照片来自 Winnie / Photo by Winnie

[视频] 每天一秒钟 – 2018四月 / [VIDEO] 1 Second Everyday – 2018 April

上个月除了举办我们的主题派对,我们还有一些新项目在B Quarter进行。

Besides running our theme parties, we did have a few more new items going on at B Quarter.
The band started to come to practice, and the private birthday parties were also great.
We are thinking more new elements in May, so you better stay tuned.
Let’s take a look at the footages from April.


QQ Video:

04.30 JJisCool 点歌机之夜 / 04.30 Jukebox Night with JJisCool

JJisCool在B Quarter为我们的几个主题派对进行演出过。

JJisCool has played at B Quarter for our few theme parties.
This time, he will be hosting the gig himself for the entire night.
People have been asking us to do different music genres event and what if we fulfill all those requests in one night.
JJisCool is going to deliver that.



It will be a very interactive night.
Come to the DJ booth and tell JJisCool what you like.
He is going to do his best to put your songs in his dynamic set.

Have you been to a gig where you can have this close contact with the DJs?
Or let us ask this, will your favorite DJs play the songs you want?
Or do they even have the songs?


We are excited to have Sol sponsoring for our event.
Special promotion on Sol will be offered through out the night.
Sol’s gifts will be available for certain promotion packs too!

日期/时间: 2018.04.30 (星期一) 22:00 开始
地点: B Quarter
地址: 东莞市东城区愉景步行街72号 (山东老家旁)
入场费: 免费入场
– JJisCool主持整晚的演出
– 点歌要求
– Sol 饮品特别推广
– Sol 礼品赠送

Date/Time: 2018.04.30 (Monday) starting @22:00
Venue: B Quarter
Address: No. 72, Yujing Walking Street, Dongcheng (next to Shandong Lao Jia)
Entry Fee: No entry fee
Party Elements:
– JJisCool hosting the party
– Song request
– Sol’s drink packs
– Sol’s gifts for certan drink packs

B Quarter 每周精选照片 – 第17周 / B Quarter Weekly Photos – Week 17

上个礼拜有HA的生日派对,他们就把 B Quarter 变成了自己家一样,放着喜欢的音乐,玩着有趣的游戏。

HA had her birthday party last week, she and her friends turned B Quarter to their private home base where they played their own music and games.
Block party was fun too on Saturday, our pretty girl fans took many nice photos.
We could only pick a few from many to post as the weekly photos.
Let’s take a look.

照片来自 HA / Photo by HA

照片来自 QB / Photo by QB

照片来自肥虾 / Photo by 肥虾

照片来自航仔 / Photo by 航仔

照片来自转儿 / Photo by 转儿

照片来自大奶 / Photo by 大奶

照片来自粉红 / Photo by 粉红

照片来自雯雯 / Photo by 雯雯

照片来自娜娜 / Photo by 娜娜

照片来自 Bowie / Photo by Bowie

04.28 东城步行街街头派对 / 04.28 Dongcheng Walking Street Block Party

這一次,B Quarter 將與我們的兩個鄰居,Muzika 和 Partyground 趴地莞一起搞。

To prepare for this upcoming summer, we want to start it with a big Block Party this Saturday.
This time, B Quarter is going to work with our two neighbors, Muzika and Partyground.

1. 一個單一的音頻系统 / One Single Audio Source

All three shops’ sound systems will be connected with one single audio source.
Our guests are welcomed to hop between the three bars and that’s the main purpose of this Block Party.

2. 嘉宾 DJ / Guest DJ

我們的好朋友 E-Panduh 將在這個街头派對上爲我們演出。

Our good friend, E-Panduh will be spinning for us at this Block Party.
He has been preparing for this gig for a long time, and he is going to surprise us with his music set and outlook.

3. 食品飲料摊位 / Food & Drink Stands

Food stands will be available at the party.
And special party drinks will be offered at each of the bars.

4. 有獎遊戲 / Games with Prizes

Different drinking games will be organized at the three bars.
Pick the ones you like and see whether you have the chance to win some prizes.

5. 幸運抽獎 / Lucky Draw
我們將抽籤三次,每位獲獎者將得到一瓶洋酒(金酒、朗姆酒、龙舌兰酒、伏特加酒)- 只在派對上饮用。

Block Party vouchers will be given out to individuals who purchase the drink specials from the bars.
People can enter the lucky draw once all three bar stamps are collected.
We will be drawing three times and each winner will get a bottle of liquor (gin, rum, tequlia, vodka) – consume at the party only.

6. 我們的主題 / Our Themes

In this Block Party, each of the three bars have our own theme of the night.
Check out the posters with the details.

B Quarter – 春天派对 / Spring Party

Muzika – 两周年 / 2nd Anniversary

Partyground 趴地莞 – 刺青之夜 / Tattoo Night

日期/时间: 2018.04.28 (星期六) 20:00 开始
地点: B Quarter & Muzika & Partyground 趴地莞
地址: 东莞市东城区愉景步行街 66 & 68 & 72号 (山东老家旁)
入场费: 免费入场
– 單一音頻系统
– 特邀嘉賓E-Panduh
– 食品和飲品摊位
– 有獎游戏
– 幸運抽獎赢洋酒
– 三個酒吧的不同主題

Date/Time: 2018.04.28 (Saturday) starting @20:00
Venue: B Quarter & Muzika & Partyground
Address: No. 66 & 68 & 72, Yujing Walking Street, Dongcheng (next to Shandong Lao Jia)
Entry Fee: No entry fee
Party Elements:
– One Single Audio Source
– Special guest E-Panduh
– Food and drink stands
– Games with prizes
– Lucky draws to win liquor bottles
– Individual theme @ each of the three venues

B Quarter 每周精选照片 – 第16周 / B Quarter Weekly Photos – Week 16

也开始为嘉宾们提供气泡酒 (我们总是招待好嘉宾)。

The Black Room Smoke Party must be the highlight of the week.
We once again used the back door and it’s a better idea.
Also started to give sparkling wine for the guests (we always treat our guests right).
Customers actually like sparkling wine too, we will introduce more at our gigs.
Let’s check out the photos of the week.

照片来自大奶 / Photo by 大奶

照片来自酒鬼 / Photo by 酒鬼

照片来自雯雯 / Photo by 雯雯

照片来自丁丁 / Photo by 丁丁

照片来自啊日 / Photo by 啊日

照片来自 Jay / Photo by Jay

照片来自独角兽 / Photo by 独角兽

照片来自啊峰 / Photo by 啊峰

照片来自娜娜 / Photo by 娜娜

照片来自啊青 / Photo by 啊青

04.20 小黑屋“烟”派对 / 04.20 Black Room “Smoke” Party

我們早在2016年夏天就在769 B Quarter 組織了同樣的“煙霧”主題。

We organized the same “Smoke” theme back in 2016 summer at the 769 B Quarter.
It’s sure a very interesting setup since you will be able to only see things within two feet.
Imagine a room full of smoke and people with great music and limited visibility.
FUN must be the only word we can think of.

1. 嘉宾 DJ / Guest DJs

Jay 來自洛杉磯,DJ历程已經8年了。他曾在不同的場館演出,包括在美國洛杉磯和日本大阪。Techno、trance、house 音樂类型一直是他的最愛。搬到中國後,他把 progressive 和bass 加入了他的播放列表。

Jay comes from Los Angeles and has been djing for 8 years. He has played in different venues and gigs in Los Angeles, USA and Osaka, Japan. Techno, trance, house music have been his favorites. After moving to China, he has addded progressive and bass house into his playlist.


With the four special years GABA spent in Chongqing, he evolved from an underground party participant to an orgainizer. He has been listening to different varieties of music, and bass music is his favorite type. After coming back to Dongguan, GABA organized the first and many bass music gigs.

来自东莞石龙本土的DJ,在2011年开始着迷电子音乐与Rave,五年间游历世界各地Festival和Rave Party,随着对电子音乐的热爱与不满足,两年前开始独自学习混音技巧,随后成为一名DJ, 凭借丰富电音现场经历和优秀的音乐品味,无论是House大小分支或Bass类的风格,他都能通过独特的选曲,让Raver们跟随着他的DJ Set一起躁动舞池!

Since 2011, he spent 5 years visiting different music festivals and rave parties around the world. Started studying mixing technique 2 years ago and became a DJ. With his experience at different music festivals and his special taste in music, JJisCool can make people dance with his set of different types of house and bass music.

2. 人体水彩 / Body Marbling
人体水彩在东城 B Quarter 是一大特色。

It’s one of the special features at the B Quarter Dongcheng shop.
With the smokey room, it should be even more fun this time.

3. 特别短饮 / Shot Specials
Hugo 当晚会做一些特別的短饮!

Hugo will be making some shot specials for the night.
Strong, weak, sweet, sour, or even spicy, just tell him what you like.
Don’t get too drunk though.


如果你不知道 B Quarter 另一扇門在哪裏,你最好提前弄清楚。
If you have no ideas where the other B Quarter door is at, you better find out in advance.

日期/时间: 2018.04.20 (星期五) 22:00 开始
地点: B Quarter
地址: 东莞市东城区愉景步行街72号 (山东老家旁)
入场费: ¥60 的预售门票包含1杯特饮 (预售票,4月20日下午6点停止售票), ¥80现场票
– 联系日或 Hugo 购票,票量有限
– 小黑屋“烟”主题
– LABASS, GABA, JJisCool 播放 techno, house, bass 音乐
– 人体水彩
– 请麻烦用另一扇門

Date/Time: 2018.04.20 (Friday) starting @ 22:00
Venue: B Quarter
Address: No. 72, Yujing Walking Street, Dongcheng (next to Shandong Lao Jia)
Entry Fee: RMB 60 with one special drink (advance ticket, no more ticket sales after 18:00 on Apr 20), RMB 80 door tickets
– contact 日 or Hugo to get tickets, limited tickets available
Party Elements:
– Black Room “Smoke” theme
– Techno, house, bass music by LABASS, GABA, JJisCool
– Body marbling