B Quarter 每周精选照片 – 第14周 / B Quarter Weekly Photos – Week 14


With the Qing Ming holiday, we were very confused which day was weekend and which date was not.
Believe there will be another long holiday at the end of this month.
Honestly, we do like the normal week a lot more.
Let’s take a look at the photos from last week.

照片来自啊日 / Photo by 啊日

照片来自 Max / Photo by Max

照片来自酒鬼 / Photo by 酒鬼

照片来自 Blue / Photo by Blue

照片来自 ChiuKwanbabe / Photo by ChiuKwanbabe

照片来自丁丁 / Photo by 丁丁

照片来自 Skjam / Photo by Skjam

照片来自 Smart / Photo by Smart

照片来自豪 / Photo by 豪

照片来自 A / Photo by A

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